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Frequently asked questions

What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

True +R Dog Training focuses on rewarding desirable behaviors and avoids the use of fear or force to achieve cooperation with our dogs.

-What is the ideal age to begin training my pup?

Don’t wait, start right away! At 8-12 weeks of age pups are ready and arguably more capable than ever to begin learning what behaviors are desired from their human companions. At this young age sessions should be kept short and sweet, though as pups grow, so do their attention spans.

-Can my adult pup still be trained?

Just like with humans, the canine brain becomes drastically less absorbent after infancy. While it is never too late to train a dog, those with adult and senior dogs should be prepared to be much more patient with their dogs as learning will not happen as fast as with the juvenile dog.

-How long should I wait to begin off-leash socialization with my pup?

Don’t wait, start right away! The socialization that your pup receives between 6-12 weeks of age will have a life-long effect on how easily your pup is able to engage with new people, dogs and environments. It is critical that prior to four months of age we are exposing our pup to plenty of new people, dogs and environments, while ensuring that all of these new experiences are positive.

-Where do you recommend that I acquire my pet?

Never purchase a dog online or from a pet store, as these dogs invariably come from puppy mills. For those who prefer not to adopt, make sure that your breeder allows you to meet your pup’s parents and tour their kennels. A responsible breeder ensures that their pups go to happy, loving forever homes, so they should be vetting you as much as you are vetting them!

-Should my dog view me as Alpha?

It is a myth that dogs share dominance hierarchies with people, so there is no need to pursue a dominance-based relationship with our dogs. Dominance methods only serve to hinder the human-dog bond.


-Are dogs spiteful?

-No. Dogs are amoral, meaning they do not know right from wrong. Dogs only know safe and unsafe, i.e. it is safe to pee on the floor when my people aren’t watching, but unsafe to do it while they are present.

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